I give this awesome book at 10 out of 10. Despite how long it is, I could not put it down. It is really well written. I had no expectation it would be so interesting. This book has given me an obsession too. After reading it, I kept on searching the names of the characters trying to find pictures and information about them, knowing that the book is fiction I still thought I would find something. I did. As it turns out there is a film that is based on the book which I am very excited to see. Also, there is “The Tudors” a TV series that is based on the story as well but with some differences. While I enjoyed the book more, I enjoyed Henry Cavill very much! I recommend this book to every girl. It is such a great summer read!

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Rain is an excuse.

April 27, 2011

It seems like whenever it rains, it gives me an excuse to not get a whole lot of things done. But isn’t it April? April Showers? Do people just take the whole month off from doing everything since its showering everyday? Nope. Just me.

It seems like I can not get anywhere or get anything done from this rainy weather. I do enjoy the rain, very pretty sounds, pretty view too. And if there is lightening and thunder , even better. But, it seems like it has been coming in my way of getting things done. I need a solution, after all, its Canada and it rains in the Summer too. It is just so hard, rainy days, screams : stay at home, cuddle , turn off all lights, turn off computers, a television if you have one, light up those candles, and enjoy a good book or a conversation with a friend/partner. I need to figure somethings out when it comes to those endless rainy days!

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